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What's your body shape ?


Wider midriff and waist. Narrower shoulders, hips & thighs. Average to smaller bust,high hip curve. Smaller to flat buttocks.Mid body heavy.    


Large bust and possibly shoulders. Wider back, small waist, larger hips and buttocks. Body appears balanced, but emphasizes fully rounded bust, hips and buttocks. Rounded body lines.

Inverted Triangle

Wider shoulders, narrower hips & thighs. Average to larger bust, wider back, larger waist. High hip curve, flatter buttocks slim legs. Average to longer legs, appears top heavy. Rounded upper body lines, straight lower body lines.


Similar width in shoulders, waist, hips & thighs. Average to above ideal weight ranges.No defined waist. Often with high hip curve. Body appears balanced. Softy straight body lines.


Larger to obese, above average weight range. Larger figure with rounded body lines.


Narrow shoulders, wider hips &/or thighs. Average to smaller bust, narrow back,smaller waist. Low hip curve, rounded buttocks. Average to shorter legs. Appears bottom heavy. Straight upper body lines, curved lower body lines.


Slim to thin, below average weight range. Similar width in shoulders, waist and hips. Body appears balanced. Straight body lines, angluar, bony, no to few obvious curves.

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