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 Image Consulting | Wedding Packages | wardrobe Management


From wardrobe management and personal shopping to bridal packages and corporate sessions, our team of certified Image Consultants will help you master every walk of life.

Image Makeover

Image Makeover

Still in the 90's phase in terms of your clothes and hair? You, my friend, are in a style rut. Partner with us and transform yourself with the right clothes, shoes, hair, accessories, fabric, colour, size, and style.

What is the right way to style your hair? What dress should you be wearing for a party or an office meeting? How can you enhance your look and hide your shortcomings?

Our image consulting services are highly personalized and we work with you to help you instantly accentuate your strong points and hide the weak ones. You will be able to choose the right clothes, style, dresses, accessories and makeup that suit you and are in sync with your lifestyle and physical features.

You can order the service online right away. It can also be a perfect gift idea for yourself or your loved ones. Do not hesitate to connect with us and ask any queries that you may have.

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Executive Sessions

Executive Sessions

End up wearing shorts to a board meeting and pantsuits to a corporate retreat? Liaise with us and reinvent your professional avatar with an ideal mix of confidence, comfort and convenience. Our consultants will help you in defining the right mix of style, colour, dresses and makeup which suits your professional life and image.

In today's corporate world, it is extremely important to be vigilant about your image. Your overall appearance makes a huge difference to how well you establish in the corporate environ.

A one-hour session with our consultants will help you define your personal style and wardrobe via a body shape and colour sense analysis. They will tell you about what to wear and what to avoid. You will also get an idea of what should be your hairstyle and which types of makeup will add to your personality. Our services come with satisfaction guarantee and you will love the experience and discoveries you will make about yourself in the process.

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Pre-Wedding Packages

Pre-Wedding Packages

He proposed and your first thought was “What am I going to wear on my BIG DAY?”

Prepare for your D-day with a trusted friend, expert and guide who helps you shop correctly. Order now, choose your preferred package, & let the magic of MavenChic help you turn heads for all the right reasons.

The pre-wedding package is a personalized wedding dresses and suits consulting service for the bride, the groom and family. Wedding is not just about one big-day but a series of functions followed by honeymoon. And you have to plan each dress very carefully.

Our consultants will personally assist you during your choice online and offline. They will help you find the right dresses that fit the occasions, your skin tone, your body, your budget, the season, the venue, cultural aspects of your families and, rituals!

Explore our packages for brides and family members
Wardrobe Management

Wardrobe Management

Sick of wearing the same LBD to every party? We know how you feel, sister. We have cursed our closets too. Call us right away and allow our experts to turn your wardrobe into the one you truly deserve.

"What to wear?" is the only though in front of your wardrobe? You can see price tags everywhere after endless sessions of shopping but not the perfect outfit?

Wardrobe Management, courtesy MavenChic is your solution!

It is a complete wardrobe analysis service where you will learn how to select what clothes to keep, combine in new outfits or toss because they do not fit properly or are just too old or out of fashion. We also help you create the right combinations and plan your shopping calendar. We help you add all the right new ingredients and flush the waste ones to turn your wardrobe into a pleasure.

In the end you will get a 100% wearable wardrobe! You will receive a report within a week from our session.

This service can be combined with our image management and personalized shopping services to complete the whole process. You know what works well for you and now you know how to manage and enhance your wardrobe in a planned manner.

Perfect for yourself or as a gift for people you love.

Explore our wardrobe management packages
Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping

Searching for a friend to take you shopping? Well...looks like you found one! Give us a holler, tell us what you need, shop with us and walk home with a bagful of the finest collection you have ever owned.

Are you spending too much and not wearing what you shopped? Would you like to learn how to create new outfits or are willing to change your style but do not know how?

Shopping with our experts is a personal shopping experience that allows you to discover and shop only what really fits your body, expresses your style and personality, and empowers your professional or social role.

Whether you need to refresh your style to fit a new environment or just want to get the best out of your shopping. Whether you need a guide to optimize your shopping-time or a personal assistant to help you match your style with your budget, MavenChic has it all.

From window shopping in the local market to the designer shops in the city to the luxury boutiques, we will take you to the best places.

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