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Hey girl,are you lacking confidence because of your dressing and under a pressure of creating a 'powerful impression' of looking like an elegant and attractive chic everyday to college?Its time to come out of shell and revamp your look.Our Fashion Consultant prepare you to look the best everyday and for every ocassion in a most quick and affordable fashionable way.Create the magic of your college fashion quotient and look the most stylish and confident girl. As its now or never!

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Dressing to flaunt your curves

Do you want to dress to look preppy, romantic, classy, dramatic, sporty or elegant? Sexy in an understated way? Glam up. The key is knowing what fits your style and body shape.

Our Fashion consultant understands your body shape and recommend you dress slim techniques and silhouttes you can wear to college to cover your figure variations so that you look like an Hourglass figure.

Discover knew trendsetting outfits and ways to wear them to college personalized for you to make you look trendy and chic like.


Dress to flaunt your skin

Fashion styling is all about wearing the right size and right colors. Our Fashion Consultant analyses your skin tone and suggest ideal colors that will suit your skin complexion based on your casual and social life to give you a vibrant look.

Colors can help hide our flaws or make them more noticeable. So we work towards different colors personalized for your quick and easy dressing styles. We work towards your chic and stylish look everyday to college by suggesting you unique colors and color combinations in vogue so that colors simply pop on you .

Also,we help you in understanding your ideal lingerie and shapers to get a perfect look which addresses your body concerns.


Be a Head Turner to College

Our Fashion consultant demonstrates quick daily skin care regime & quick easy makeup styles for casual and party ocassions personalized for you.We work towards completing the perfect look by right application of makeup products, makeup brands and makeup colors in a right way for your skin tone and skin texture.

We also work on latest hairstyles in vogue as per your face shape(messy side ponytails,side braid hairstyles, cute hairstyles, messy buns, choppy layers, wavy, bob cut and fringes for different looks to college).

Also know about latest funky accessories styles, cuts & colors you should wear for different occasions and different days to college to complete your look with elegance.


Rs 1,000*/-

*100% advance payment before the session

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